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ASR is a MedTech company focused on developing robotic technology and SaaS software solutions to improve surgical precision.

Our landmark product, the Barakat Robotic Surgical Assistant (BARSA), reduces the use of OR staff thereby decreasing patient exposure to potentially harmful pathogens.


BARSA Robotic Surgical Assistant


Landmark Application will stabilize the Uterus during Hysterectomies

(4MM procedures performed globally each year)

Clinical Modalities

Uterine Manipulator. Others to follow, aligned with future Software application development


Currently in Clinical Trials at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Patented Technology

Authored by Richard Barakat, Physician-in-Chief Northwell Health; Licensed from Memorial Sloan Kettering


Meet The Team

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Richard Barakat, MD

Founder | Chief Medical Officer

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Paul Booth

Founder | Chief Technology Officer

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Robert Jacobs

Chief Executive Officer


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